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Our Product


Crustulum ingredients are picked from the best certified brands. They have been very carefully chosen to give the best taste and health benefits.

eg. We use only Brown Sugar or Jaggery 



I enjoyed my time in the kitchen as early as 4 yrs old but merely as a science enthusiast where every recipe was an experiment for me. Mixing, pouring, pounding n making a mess was fun but slowly when people started giving importance to cleaning, my interest in the kitchen also fizzled.

But it gave birth to an idea: Cookie in a Bottle .At 13yrs I won the First prize @ Young Entrepreneur Academy, Bangalore which also gave me the confidence to turn it into a Business.

Being a member of Junior New York academy of science helps me develop the knowledge and skills needed to be effective as an open researcher that can broaden my research, personal and career horizons through new experiences and interactions with broader range of people

I launched our brand, Crustulum with 3 flavours early this year. Recently we added healthy vegan gluten-free flavours too.We have plans to develop more recipes like brownies etc .

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The youngest member of the family ,I am also the little chef of the house. I love baking since the age of 5, only because I love eating sweets . whats a better way to convince parents than baking on your own n finishing it too

Experimented different recipes to get to the perfect one for crustulum was a fun task that my brother handed to me. Not just helping him develop the idea, we also had lots of arguments and fun times . But I can easily say it was all worth the efforts !

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